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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

As We Approach A New Year

As I approach a new year, I look back upon what 2008 had to offer me.  The ups stand out more than the downs, and I know that the special people I have in my life have given me many positive experiences.  I am extremely fortunate to have such incredible family and friends in my life.  

A very close friend of mine lost his father to cancer this morning.  There are really no words to offer someone when they are going through such an experience.  I know that is how I felt when my Auntie Nancy passed away. What I can offer to this amazing friend of mine is that I will be there for him at all times for him to cry to, talk to, and sit in silence with.  All that this individual did for his father during such a difficult time is unbelievable to me.  He put all of his time, energy, support, and love into his father's constant care.  His strength carried him to today, and although he continues to display this strength and bravery, I know how much he is hurting.  He is a true inspiration to me.

As I go into a new year, I appreciate all the individuals in my life that have made a difference, such as this person in particular.  The experiences that people close to me have gone through this past year is slowly, but surely giving me the strength and courage to train for the marathon.  I am going to run the marathon in memory of my friend's father who lost his heroic battle today and go into a new year with my thoughts and prayers going out to this incredible family, offering them peace, love and hope for this upcoming year.

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